My first photoshop lol...

Well this is the first thing i did on photoshop i'm not sure why im posting it.. But it was nice finding this knowing how i've learnt alot more since.

Also i bought Black Ops a few days ago and personally i think its great theres people out there saying that the graphics are worse than MW2 but i've always said gameplay > graphics. Also the multipalyer is just awesome, I especially like the new killstreak rewards. Personally i'm tried of moder warfare fanboys bitching. 

I'm back!

Well its been what a month but i'm finally back i swapped from BT to Virgin and i must say.. i'm heavily disappointed! My router is a meer 2 rooms away and i get 1 bar of signal and my speed is normal at 1.0mbps ! Either its a faulty router or a extremly outdated one!

Anyway while i was away i did some photoshopping heres a background i made for myself, What do you guys think? Click on it to view it full size.