Some of my shit forum sigs...

So.. This is some shit i did a while back in photoshop.. its not good or anything but everybody has to start somewhere (Keep in mind these are roughly 4 months old i've improved since then)

Most of these i just followed tutorials and tweaked them to my liking and explored the differen't tools.

Another dubstep vid...

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Somebody suggested this and i really liked it so i thought i'd share it with you.

This one is Four Floors (Diplo Edit), I didn't want to blog about dubstep (Even though im not :D) but i can't resist a good tune to chill out to. I will start blogging when i can think of some thing worth blogging about until then feel the bass.

For all you dubstep fans..

        Check this out, shit is so cash.. 

            anyone know of some more chilled out dub such as this?
                 If anyone is wondering its Penguin Prison - Animal (Jakwob Remix)

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I actually cbf with that..

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I'm just going to bitch about life its self... far more simpler to do and less effort lets start off with how much Mondays suck, i seriously hate getting up after a night of downing beers just to wake up and go to uni most the time i just sleep in my lectures to get rid of the hangover, some say not drinking would be the best thing to do but to them the best thing they can do is stfu, beer is at its best on a sunday night.. anybody have any opinions on there mondays? hows shit go down for you?

I have decided to review movies!

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  • Comment or dont on movies you want to hear reviewed, tbh i wont care ill review wtf i want. Also i can bold and underline text, this makes me feel good.
  • i felt the need to edit this addsome bulletpoints and insert a image of a dog,