I have decided to review movies!

  • Comment or dont on movies you want to hear reviewed, tbh i wont care ill review wtf i want. Also i can bold and underline text, this makes me feel good.
  • i felt the need to edit this addsome bulletpoints and insert a image of a dog, 

6 Response to "I have decided to review movies!"

  1. Airmac Says:

    :D Do a review of There will be blood please.

  2. anontcotrol Says:

    Memento is a classic to review!

  3. nubilus Says:

    there will be blood and memento both great choices

  4. RAiNИiAЯ Says:

    Do a review of Inception! I love hearing people's opinions on that movie since it seems to vary so much!

  5. Apó Says:

    Dead Snow movie review would be great!

  6. Dan Smelter Says:

    Ha just keep it all random. Post what you feel like and when. Makes it more interesting than following a strict format.

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