For all you dubstep fans..

        Check this out, shit is so cash.. 

            anyone know of some more chilled out dub such as this?
                 If anyone is wondering its Penguin Prison - Animal (Jakwob Remix)

25 Response to "For all you dubstep fans.."

  1. Swift Love Says:

    that was interesting... can't wait to see what you post tomorrow

  2. RAiNИiAЯ Says:

    Love Jakwob, he makes some really interesting dubstep!

  3. RAiNИiAЯ Says:

    Check out Four Floors (Diplo Remix) by Sunday Girl. Its really chill dubstep

  4. Moggets Says:

    I fell in love with that tune! Thanks!

  5. Waldo09 Says:

    Thanks man! its sick!

  6. MacPCharmony Says:

    I like this blog. I'll check back tomorrow for a new update :)

  7. SaltyThePirate Says:

    sounds great, gonna follow this.

  8. You Piss Me Off Says:

    I'm feeling it.

  9. WhebSurf Says:

    very nice imma chill here a second

  10. amidoinitrite? Says:

    wow, I enjoyed reading this!

  11. Moggets Says:

    you mean listening ? but glad to hear it lol.

  12. jester Says:

    Gonna put it on while I go to sleep.

    Cool music.

  13. Moggets Says:

    haha nice one :D

  14. Gamblin' WIlson Says:

    thats so pleasant to listen to!

  15. boss Says:

    i almost fell asleep it was soo soothing thanks! jsut sharing the love

  16. Ragina Vash Says:

    Great tune!! Just sharing some love ;p

  17. JooLamp Says:

    Weird tune. lol, anyways, followin ya

  18. Derk Says:

    I dig it. I <3 dubstep

  19. SubparTrader Says:

    Cool song, I am new to the whole dubstep genre though so sorry I can't recommend anything to you.

  20. Crunky Says:

    i don't know what dubstep means, but i like the tune...

  21. Anonymous Says:

    awesome man, idk what dubstep is either

  22. Jesuispasla8 Says:

    yeah i love this one :D

  23. TR Says:

    that was some good dub man

  24. Dan Smelter Says:

    sweet, thanks for the suggestion. great song.

  25. IsJasonCranky? Says:

    Decent track and decent blog.
    dub =/= dubstep btw

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