Some of my shit forum sigs...

So.. This is some shit i did a while back in photoshop.. its not good or anything but everybody has to start somewhere (Keep in mind these are roughly 4 months old i've improved since then)

Most of these i just followed tutorials and tweaked them to my liking and explored the differen't tools.

39 Response to "Some of my shit forum sigs..."

  1. funkotron77 Says:

    Cool Mario one. Its really cute haha

  2. James Says:

    great pics!

  3. MIPS Says:

    Nice. I especially like the first one. I need to start photochopping again

  4. Telia Tuli Says:

    Nice work.
    I wanna see your recent stuff.

  5. Joshua Says:

    Mate, all of these are really good. You shouldn't call them shit, they're better than what alot of graphic artists charge for lol.

  6. WhebSurf Says:

    wow. really cool man. really want to see more

  7. SimonC Says:

    nice, what program was used to make them?

  8. Moggets Says:

    Photoshop CS4, i'll proberly buy photoshop cs5 soon.

  9. Ceedo Says:

    Those are pretty dope. What was the reason for making them? Just bored?

  10. Beerandchips Says:

    the steroids baseball one is the best, nice post man

  11. WildBoar Says:

    Needs more cleavage!

  12. Moggets Says:

    Well i was thinking of joining a GFX course at uni, but in the end didn't bother guess it was just getting used to the basics to give me a headstart.

  13. TheRatiocination Says:

    love the charmander one!

  14. TheGreaterSpartan Says:

    Awesome banners.

  15. vladimir Says:

    cool, the baseball/steroid sig is clever

  16. D-FENS Says:

    i like the supreme commander one :)

  17. Anon Says:

    woww bro you are seriously good if you ever take requests pleasee let me knowww

  18. Shebsa Says:

    Most of them are really cool

  19. KillerKun Says:

    Cool Mario there! i liked it a lot :B

  20. Moggets Says:

    Thanks for your comments so far guys, i'll upload some more of my recent stuff later.

  21. CS Says:

    Bah, don't call those shit! Those are actually really, really cool.

    Can I ask where you get your fonts from? I really need to updating my boring-ass font collection.

  22. tonyman33 Says:

    woah, theyre good. keep making em dude

  23. Crammarc Says:

    lol ate the mario one and the baseball injection one is awesome

  24. la comédie Says:

    nice post

  25. Anonymous Says:

    your way to harsh on yourself these are really good!

  26. MaryMolii Says:

    Politically inspired?

  27. StayTuned Says:

    i like the mario one, and the needle in the baseball one haha

  28. AnnoNeuvo Says:

    Coool! :P

  29. Blogrock Says:

    i like the one with mario!
    its kinda cute i think :3

  30. la comédie Says:

    nice post

  31. imalright Says:

    i'm gonna use the baseball one hope u dont mind

  32. Rorschach Redemption Says:

    Well, now at least I know someone who can do this is I ever decide on a forum sig.
    Nice work.

  33. Moggets Says:


  34. Gamblin' WIlson Says:

    haha, the needles and the baseball!

  35. Nailgun Says:

    Oh charmander, he's so happy

  36. rogue Says:

    Props for the charmander haha.

  37. SHH Says:

    Can i request you a signature for me? one cool anarchopunk sig?

  38. Donkote Says:

    haha very nice, i make sigs too :)

  39. Andrew Bas Says:

    starcraft one is pretty decent IMO, in all they arent that bad! :D

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