Another dubstep vid...

Somebody suggested this and i really liked it so i thought i'd share it with you.

This one is Four Floors (Diplo Edit), I didn't want to blog about dubstep (Even though im not :D) but i can't resist a good tune to chill out to. I will start blogging when i can think of some thing worth blogging about until then feel the bass.

32 Response to "Another dubstep vid..."

  1. Gicioch Says:

    I don't really find this kind of music interesting : /

  2. Moggets Says:

    K go listen to rap then.

  3. Joshua Says:

    Love this dubstep, one of my favorites is Heartbeat by Nneka.

  4. daniel. Says:

    it's a little light for dubstep. nice though.

  5. Lumpy Space Princess Says:

    This music is really chill.
    I could get into this.

  6. You Piss Me Off Says:

    ^I agree.
    I could get into this.

  7. anontcotrol Says:

    Got myself a best of dub ministry of sound album to check out. I dig it

  8. Shebsa Says:

    Not my kind of music but hey, whatever rocks your boat, man!

  9. CS Says:

    Love dubstep. It's certainly a very unique genre.

    Have you heard Emalkay's stuff? It's pretty good.

  10. Moggets Says:

    Sure have Emalkay do some pretty amazing tracks.

  11. BigLoser Says:

    Nice track man.

  12. Telia Tuli Says:

    I'm kind of growing out of the DubStep genre.
    /shrugs shoulders

  13. Lemmiwinks Says:

    Great post, bra!

  14. tonyman33 Says:

    pretty sick

  15. Crammarc Says:

    cool video

  16. oh lawds Says:

    nice one!

  17. Cybork Says:

    What a bomb ^^

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Awesome tanks for the post

  19. RAiNИiAЯ Says:

    Haha, I suggested this to you! Glad you like it, it's a really chill dubstep song!

    Also, if you want more chill dubstep check this out:

  20. Come At Me Bro Says:

    Love it!

  21. mickvp Says:

    nice beat and bass good stuff !

  22. Carl Says:

    Not my kind of music but it is pretty cool, following you

  23. Crammarc Says:


  24. Ragina Vash Says:

    God it's like orgasm to my ears xD love it

  25. Nailgun Says:

    pretty cool song man

  26. zman Says:

    dubstep goes hard

  27. Slumph Says:

    epic dub =D

    I'm an avid reader of yours so I'd appreciate it if you headed over to my blog and voted in my poll and stuff =)

  28. funkotron77 Says:

    Dubstep is coming up very quickly, good to see there are so many fans.

  29. :D Says:

    Toon! Cheers.

  30. WildBoar Says:

    I've heard better. But this is pretty good. Keep it up. I'm surprised at the accent of dubstep.

  31. Crazyrider166 Says:

    fuck this hip hop for LIFE

  32. KillerKun Says:

    pretty cool tune there

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