I actually cbf with that..

I'm just going to bitch about life its self... far more simpler to do and less effort lets start off with how much Mondays suck, i seriously hate getting up after a night of downing beers just to wake up and go to uni most the time i just sleep in my lectures to get rid of the hangover, some say not drinking would be the best thing to do but to them the best thing they can do is stfu, beer is at its best on a sunday night.. anybody have any opinions on there mondays? hows shit go down for you?

13 Response to "I actually cbf with that.."

  1. FOnline world Says:

    Wee I'm feeding fishes :D

    Seriously take this our of here or I'm gone spend whole day clicking at those funny red-green-blue-black pixels!

  2. Moggets Says:

    Please do, I shall name one after you, which one would you like?

  3. BucRayBoltFan Says:

    Lol damn better lay off of the sauce for a while. Comment and follow me!

  4. TheCoolIgloo Says:

    Thats why I dont have Uni on Mondays, gives me a nice day to recover

  5. zach Says:

    man, i would agree. mondays suck big time.

  6. August Says:

    My mondays are always complete suck..

  7. anontcotrol Says:

    I support 4 day working weeks. Monday or Friday off :D

  8. Fdbog Says:

    life sucks haha

  9. darkmanx Says:

    mondays were invented by hitler and endorsed by satan, or so I've heard

  10. Nie Mand Says:

    I hate mondays, they remaind me of, uhm, work :(

  11. Rich Says:

    Beer is good! Monday's are not! But you just have to deal with it i guess!

  12. Moggets Says:

    Unfortunatley :(

  13. WildBoar Says:

    never schedule classes on monday bra

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