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Friday, 1 October 2010 09:56 Posted by Moggets
A while back me and a close friend followed a tut we found online and tweaked it to our liking (We were both in very early stages of learning) and well this is what mine came out like... Think you have to click them to see the orignal sizes.

The top one is before, second one is after.. Also another sig :P

I think this one i fucked up.. i was tweaking the text, bevel etc.. and saved it over the orginal...

45 Response to "Something else..."

  1. efren Says:

    Wow, it looks pretty good. I like the colors.

  2. Ragina Vash Says:

    Nice you have skills! Just sharing daily love ;p

  3. Ergine Says:

    My blog is also about GFX, check it out ^^

  4. Dan Smelter Says:

    Dang man, you are pretty good at photoshop. Keep posting the great pics.

  5. CS Says:

    The transformation of your first two pics is amazing. The colors in the second pic really go well together.

    And I think that sig is just awesome.

    You do some really great work.

  6. WildBoar Says:

    Wow i looked at all your posts and I am really impressed. Keep it up because you could really be going somewhere with this!

  7. JustaGamer Says:

    thats so awesome

  8. SkyHighClaw Says:

    Nice one, looking good.

  9. SimonC Says:

    I recognise this photo, I have used it as a desktop background before.

  10. The Square Circle Says:

    nice looking stuff. do you take requests?

  11. Moggets Says:

    Sure why not lol...

  12. Joebloggs Says:

    excellent job!

  13. funkotron77 Says:

    Brilliant effect, gives a very eerie yet inviting vibe. I would say.

  14. Crammarc Says:

    i like the color alteration, gj

  15. Nailgun Says:

    that second picture is pretty badass

  16. milanoac Says:

    the color alteration is phenomenal... keep it up

  17. KillerKun Says:

    Nice sig there!

  18. vladimir Says:

    i hope i never have to walk through a forest like that

  19. Much Poopies! Says:

    wonderful pics! =D

  20. Chris Says:

    good one man, i also run a photography site.
    i really like the "fading" effects you used, really shows your skill level

  21. Telia Tuli Says:

    You got some talent man.
    Keep it up.

  22. Moggets Says:

    Thanks for all your comments its highly appreciated.

  23. Shebsa Says:

    I like the red one, looks great!

  24. NerfQuake Says:

    Love the pictures! Going to use one as my backround right now!

  25. Crunky Says:

    wow, cool effects...

  26. Adamantium Says:

    wow, creepy. It reminds me of ash-country. I will use the pink one as my background, thanks :)

  27. Joshua Says:

    More beautiful images, keep it up man.

  28. Mez Says:

    Really great work man,keep it up!

  29. 3milelimit Says:

    Wow that looks really cool, was that with photoshop?

  30. Ultimate Banana Says:

    Nice color grading

  31. Gicioch Says:

    The second one looks kinda scary...

  32. DesoWave Says:

    Wow, if I ever need a signature, can I ask you to make me one?

  33. DjTont Says:

    Amazing pictures, colour is incredable

  34. Moggets Says:

    Sure Deso

  35. Style Says:

    Eye candy! You have skills man I'll give you that.

  36. tonyman33 Says:

    Nice work. I think the colours for the trail should be a bit darker but keep it up

  37. Come At Me Bro Says:

    This is sweet!

  38. Crammarc Says:

    keep it up they look good

  39. Lil' Rocker Flower Says:

    good images!

  40. jeanjean Says:

    some good stuff, keep up the hard work

  41. Science_MTP Says:

    Huh, pretty well done, though I think I like the original better :p

  42. Alan =) Says:

    very very cool. you have skill

  43. pixel Says:

    nice work there

  44. SHH Says:

    i like the first better

  45. Flav Says:

    Very nice, would have gone more towards red rather than pink, less magenta, but very nice work with the sun rays!

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