The Saboteur

Tuesday, 5 October 2010 11:30 Posted by Moggets
Trying to limit spoilers so bare with me as its also my first ever review.

Long Version - The Saboteur is by far an amazing piece of work, You play as a bold Irish man by the name of Sean, a mechanic recently turned amateur race driver that is until the Nazis invade France. Seans job is to aid the Allied forces and the French resistance by any means nessecary mainly by sabotaging high priority targets such as chemical factorys, fuel depots, supply routes and high ranking officers etc.

The game is set during 1940 in German occupied Paris, With beautiful landscapes, free-roam world and impressive AI the saboteur is a must have for any WW2 fan or even anyone who enjoyed the GTA series as it is practically the same just a set in a different era.

There are countless things to do in The Saboteur such as collect cars, Purchase upgrades, buy weapons (with salvage being the currency) liberate france piece by piece by destroying tanks, sniper towers etc.

You know what i'm tired of trying to explain the game; go buy it, its only £10 preowned now and deffinetly worth the money!

Short Version - Best WWII game i've played in a long long time.

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  1. Come At Me Bro Says:

    This is sweet!

  2. CS Says:

    Game looks super cool. I love the art style!

  3. Joebloggs Says:

    looking forward to this for a while now

  4. Zyphbork Says:

    Not totally my style, but it looks good!

  5. Acou Says:

    a very creatively made game, it seems! seen some reviews on this in the past, and this is one of the better ones i've seen. keep it up! :D

  6. Catz Says:

    I've been meaning to play it, but never really gotten around to it. Maybe I'll pick it up... Once i finish Planescape Torment.

    Good blog brah, folo'd.

  7. Says:

    looks good, supporting

  8. Brunix Says:

    This looks fun!

  9. cereal Says:

    this game rocks!!

  10. nicole Says:

    it looks good !

    supporting you
    take care

  11. LD Says:

    game looks nice :)

  12. DesoWave Says:

    The artwork in this game reminds me of MadWorld.

  13. Moggets Says:

    All of you must buy it! :P Even the music in it is beautiful!

  14. JR Says:

    looks like a great game

  15. infinitewithin Says:


  16. eKyle Says:

    Hopefully games like these are supported and content is added after launch, otherwise good ideas like these go to waste.

  17. Carl Says:

    I HATED this game it was terrible!

  18. SC2 Strats Says:

    I couldn't get into it at first, but I might give it another go!

  19. Moggets Says:

    eKyle this game has some free DLC :D

  20. Jessica Says:

    looks good! I will try this later and let you knowhow it turned out.

  21. DjTont Says:

    Looks so good.

  22. Chuckles Says:

    Doesnt this game have boobies?

  23. gamefreak3335 Says:

    i cant bake good but those look pretty good

  24. Barry White Says:

    wow that looks so damn good.

  25. nick Says:


  26. SC2 Strats Says:

    Great post! Following and supportin!

  27. infinitewithin Says:

    Nice. Might give it a go sooner or later here...

  28. Remlik Says:

    tried it. they were pretty good. My whole class loved them

  29. Gregorius Says:

    I wanna make cookiiessssss! :D

  30. Barry White Says:

    now im super hungry

  31. Quinn Electronics Says:

    good stuff

  32. The Lazy Geographer Says:

    Those look really tasty, but I am not allowed to have cookies in the house. I tend to eat them all in one go. =(

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