I'm back!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010 17:41 Posted by Moggets
Well its been what a month but i'm finally back i swapped from BT to Virgin and i must say.. i'm heavily disappointed! My router is a meer 2 rooms away and i get 1 bar of signal and my speed is normal at 1.0mbps ! Either its a faulty router or a extremly outdated one!

Anyway while i was away i did some photoshopping heres a background i made for myself, What do you guys think? Click on it to view it full size.

20 Response to "I'm back!"

  1. Coupons_Ftw Says:

    oh, nice. i like the design, especially the part with the dripping paint.

  2. Gezegond Says:

    I hate angelina jolie. :(

  3. tonyman33 Says:

    WElcome Back!

  4. Mez Says:

    Welcome back!

  5. Fumfumfum Says:

    Nice picture.

    You should totally complain to Virgin about your connection speed though. Or just get a new router and try it out?

  6. teapartyinmypants Says:

    Hah, what a coinkydink. I'm messing in Photoshop right now. I'll upload some small versions of the pics to tinypic for you to see. I'm making them as 1920x1080 wallpapers for a friend.


    As for BT, I have never had a problem with them until the last few months. They're starting to heavily throttle the speed of my torrents during the day. I can only get speeds of like 2kb/s and 3kb/s on torrents but after 2am it rockets up to 800kb/s. Pissing me the hell off.

  7. poorfags Says:

    Woah! that's awesome!

  8. Come At Me Bro Says:


  9. Moggets Says:

    Thanks for the comments :) Nice stuff Teaparty.

  10. Imensha Says:

    Sorry for your crappy router. :(

    Nice photoshoppan though!

  11. Laughing Vault Says:

    first picture is hot

  12. MarkoManager Says:

    Interesting post, i follow you...

  13. S Says:

    looks good for your first time

  14. shahidj Says:

    hot, i love it

  15. chrischaos Says:

    your first photoshop creation is pretty amazing, looks like you have the concept down :D

  16. Mr Bouchard Says:

    both MW2 and BlackOps have their positive and negative points, you just have to choose which one suits you better, stick with it and stop trying to find out which one is the best! Also, nice photoshop skills, ain't much but still better than what I can do!

  17. FRESHhousemusic Says:

    Nice, ive also just goten blackops. I think it rocks :) Gameplay <<<

  18. brendan Says:

    nice photoshoppin skillz

  19. Sugar Says:

    sugar was here..;)

  20. Rob Says:

    Quite nice shop skills, It's sort of foggy if you get me, :)

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