I love this!

Thursday, 7 October 2010 08:25 Posted by Moggets
Okay all, i did this earlier today out of boredom, i followed a tutorial tweaking it as i see fit, but i must say it was so simple and easy to follow i loved every minute of it, it also helped my current skills, well anyway this is it please give me your opinions on it. (btw Crazy Rider is some noob i game with on steam)

32 Response to "I love this!"

  1. Igloo Says:

    whoa shit you made that? it looks legit.

  2. Come At Me Bro Says:

    This is great!

  3. aGas Says:

    looks cool, saved.

  4. lovebloggin Says:

    thats awesome

  5. Flav Says:

    nice work with that, using letters as a mask, good job!

  6. jinx Says:

    Very nice dude, saved!

  7. Pope Smurf Says:

    I love it, so 80-ish!

  8. razortek Says:

    cool post bro!!:)

  9. anontcotrol Says:

    Great type!

  10. Zyphbork Says:

    Did you make that! Looks really good!

  11. Alex Says:

    The word picture is so cool

  12. Ultimate Starcraft Says:

    Wow! You could make a poster out of that haha ^^

  13. THIEF Says:

    Meh. I need little posters like that too. Dunno what you call them.

  14. richie Says:

    Nice, i love it!

  15. KillerKun Says:

    Heeey it looks really nice, you should show us that tutorial

  16. zman Says:

    not bad

  17. Jackie Says:

    This is some great stuff, keep it up Bro !

  18. Insurance Advice Guy Says:

    thats pretty cool

  19. Atheos_Cirno Says:

    Awesome looks like an album cover!

  20. Brunix Says:

    Great stuff. Very vibrant!

  21. cereal Says:

    this pic is very cool

  22. Zilch Says:

    sic picture

  23. TarantulaGuy111 Says:


  24. J.Name Says:

    dude, it looks awesome, you should be proud lol

  25. Mez Says:

    looks cool

  26. Firstlove666 Says:

    This is my new wall paper :)

  27. Renger Says:

    Nice editing. How do you achieve this effect?

  28. DjTont Says:

    I like the look of this, saved.

  29. -ITW- Says:

    they are lieing if they say it takes 7 days.... unless they actually came and unhooked it from the pole.. They are liars for sure.

  30. Goodfella Says:

    It dosn't look to bad. Cound use a few darker colors though.

  31. Dr. Zomboss Says:

    Oh shi, veri nice!
    keep working =)!
    And come to see my blog, nice music and stuff =P

  32. funkotron77 Says:

    Dig the little projects you have here on your blog. Keep it up!

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