Stupid Internet Issues!!

Saturday, 9 October 2010 10:58 Posted by Moggets
Sorry all i wont be able to blog as much at the moment, my ISP has cancelled my internet for the time being and it takes them 7 days to connect it again, I swear its stupid how these big companys work. When its taking your money they're happy to do it in a day but when its giving out a service they take there sweet ass time. So until its fixed ill try get on as much as possible using my mobile but i dont get much signal where i am so dont count on it being much...

25 Response to "Stupid Internet Issues!!"

  1. Ultimate Starcraft Says:

    I know this problem! Usually I get a stupid person on the other side of the line, which infuriates me.. as I'm a Computer Science student. Just fix the damn thing ><

  2. Goodfella Says:

    Sorry to hear that.

  3. Primitive Says:

    Cool blog bro, keep up the good work ill support u, hope your internetz get better!

  4. TarantulaGuy111 Says:

    stupid isp!

  5. aGas Says:

    urgs, sad to hear :<

  6. anontcotrol Says:

    Try a new ISP?

  7. TomBlog Says:

    sorry to hear that man, good luck

  8. tamorris89 Says:

    They all just want your money! Don't expect too much in return.

  9. Fuuuuuuuu Says:

    I just got done with my GTL session this morning, and I was amused by your post

    keep up the solid work!

  10. Zyphbork Says:

    Good luck with your internet man!

  11. Pope Smurf Says:

    Too bad to hear that. Hope your internet comes back soon.

  12. Igloo Says:

    its all about the money sadly :(

  13. zman Says:

    get it fixed soon

  14. A Hermit Says:

    Damn that sucks, hopefuly it'll be ok soon

  15. jeanjean Says:

    no worries bro, waiting for your futur posts

  16. Joebloggs Says:

    thigns can only get better

  17. Dub -MF- Step Says:

    fucked up
    no internet sucks hard

  18. Adrien Says:

    With my isp it's the other way around. When I sign up for something I get it the same day, conversely, getting rid of something is a huge pain in the behind.

  19. -ITW- Says:

    wish lif was like that, RAINSBOWS FOLLOWING YOU EVERYWHERE would be leet as hell

  20. Mez Says:


  21. Lord Humungus Says:

    its a series of tubes

  22. Rezden Says:

    Pic looks pretty cool. Following and looking forward to more.

  23. You Piss Me Off Says:

    Damn, I'm sorry bro.
    Good luck with the ISP stuff.

  24. Chris Says:

    it's been over 7 days now, and we're still waiting.

  25. Chris Says:

    and please remove the captcha


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