Sunday, 10 October 2010 14:18 Posted by Moggets
While my internets been playing up i've just been messing around with single player games and doing photoshop stuff that i've found deep on my hard drive.. heres some thing i found i edited slightly from what it was because it looked gay.. still not sure if i like it.

If anyone knows where i got the tutorial for this please link it because im damn well sure it shouldn't look like this.

45 Response to "Well..."

  1. Come At Me Bro Says:

    This is great!

  2. Donkote Says:

    I like it, it has a very good sense of flow, and the extra colors really make it look more lively.

  3. razortek Says:

    cool post bro!!:)
    Welcome to Italy!

  4. StayTuned Says:

    nice nice :D

  5. Pope Smurf Says:

    It's interesting man, don't be hard on yourself.

  6. SC2 Strats Says:

    pretty good stuff I'd say.

  7. Fuuuuuuuu Says:

    this is a good follow up post to the previous one

    I have a new post on GTL Everyday too :)

  8. AKIBA-POP! Says:

    Pretty cool! I suck at photoshop.

  9. Zilch Says:

    cool picture!

  10. Joshua Says:

    I remember that exact tutorial but I can't find the bookmark... Sorry dude :(

  11. Atheos_Cirno Says:

    Pretty cool pic though.

  12. KillerKun Says:

    hahaha it looks artsy, but not really gay xD

  13. Jackie Says:

    This is awesome, keep it up Bro !

  14. Igloo Says:

    it looks really good bro.

  15. Firstlove666 Says:

    Loving all the pictures you've been posting lately

  16. Barry White Says:

    Great post! keep up the great work!

  17. Fuuuuuuuu Says:

    Great read! Looking forward to reading your next post.

  18. jeanjean Says:

    good work mate

  19. aGas Says:

    mh, still looks gay imho :D

  20. TheDude Says:

    Looks good

  21. Kando N3ko Says:

    nice post, brah.

  22. Beerandchips Says:

    I just got CS5, get that shit, you can make this look so awesome with it with just a few tweaks, but it looks good to me as is.

  23. Gordon Says:

    Really awesome blog, +followed

    Return the love<3

  24. tamorris89 Says:

    It has potential. It almost looks as if you're not quite done with it.

  25. Barry White Says:

    Great post!

  26. Joebloggs Says:

    I'm making this my wallpaper

  27. Battlecrab Says:

    I dont know, I like it.

  28. jinx Says:

    It's still gay mate :D

  29. Gregorius Says:

    Haha it does look kinda gay xD

  30. Lil' Rocker Flower Says:

    You should do moe of this, you´re talented.,

  31. Brunix Says:

    I think it looks cool

  32. Carl Says:

    It could use a little work

  33. ChopperDave Says:

    It's pretty good.

  34. Primitive Says:

    haha thats mad as keep it up

  35. You Piss Me Off Says:

    I think it looks fine. :D

  36. Barry White Says:

    Great post!

  37. zman Says:

    pretty cool

  38. nubilus Says:

    love it nice skills

  39. funkotron77 Says:

    Rainbows would have been cool too, haha

  40. Come At Me Bro Says:

    Love it!

  41. Anonymous Says:

    I like it 'cause it's colorful :)

  42. Dan Says:

    Haha I think it looks pretty neat. An artist is never happy with his own work.

  43. Gregorius Says:

    It still looks kinda gay though :P

  44. Mr.Brightside Says:

    i like her

  45. Mez Says:

    welcome back! :D

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